SAAKA Womens Multi-Position Sweatbands. Unique Sweatband Worn on Forearm, Bicep, Calf for Added Sweat Control. Made with Viscose from Bamboo. 2-Pack.

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Product Overview

  • BENEFITS: MP Bands worn at your biceps and forearm areas give you maximum sweat absorption when worn with SAAKA wristbands.

  • Placing the band at the calf can slow the flow of sweat into your shoes.

  • ALWAYS THE RIGHT FIT with SAAKA's fully adjustable, breathable closure system.

  • SWEATS GONE GAME ON: SAAKA products are recommended for all athletic and outdoor activities including running, exercise, working out, crossfit, cycling, tennis, gym & fitness, basketball, golf, football, soccer and more.

  • BORN OUT OF NECESSITY ON SIESTA KEY, FLORIDA, where we know and understand best how to handle heat and humidity. Cut, sewn and assembled in the USA.

  • Color : Black

  • Size : Large

Placing the MP band at the calf can slow the flow of sweat into your shoes helping to prevent the dreaded Slipping out of your Shoes Syndrome (SSS). And MP bands worn at the forearm and calf locations can be tightened to help relieve pain from tendonitis. All SAAKA bands are comprised of three layers of fabric creating our Dynamic Moisture Management System that continuously and efficiently pulls moisture from the skin surface through and to the outer layer for quick evaporation. The two outer layers of SAAKA are made from a high tech antimicrobial, poly/spandex microfiber with built in moisture management properties that create incredible wicking action. Our middle layer of SAAKA is highly absorbent, odor combatting, viscose from BAMBOO fabric that absorbs 30% more moisture than cotton.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review